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  • Lollapalooza & Wakarusa Updates

    First off, this could be the best lineup of any summer festival yet. Perhaps even Summer Camp, which I cannot wait for. Here’s the full lineup as it is presented on, with the ones I cannot wait for in Bold: Red Hot Chili Peppers Kanye West Manu Chao Wilco Death Cab For Cutie The […]

  • Sorry Jesus, You’re Ineligible

    I sent out a large email today to many of my favorite music bloggers inviting them to join our Music Blogger’s NCAA Pool. Sadly when I was putting together the emails I sent one to our friend Jesus over at What Would Jesus Blog, completely ignorant of his omnipotent powers. He set me straight with […]

  • Music Blogger’s NCAA Pool

    I had the idea on a music blogger forum I visit to start a Music Blogger’s March Madness Pool. So there’s a group of at least 11 of us participating now, and I’m looking for more music bloggers to enter. If you want in, send me an email or instant message with your name/email/site you […]

  • Links – Miles Davis, Neil Young, Mars on Google Maps

    Some random things while I’m in between classes Miles Davis is being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tonight. This might surprise some but I think it’s entirely appropriate considering some of the music he made. Aquarium Drunkard is talkin’ about Neil Young. Sounds good to me. The 2006 Bloggies awards were […]

  • More Cowbell!!! – Of Montreal and More

    Of Montreal last night was basically the best concert of my life.  Hands down, that’s it.  Let me say if you have a chance to catch any of their remaining shows, do everything legally possible to get there.  I’ll have a review up later, and sometime soon we should have a review of the Chicago […]

  • Summer Camp Artist #01: Backyard Tire Fire

    Alright, well I’ve been promising for long enough, it’s about time I make good on that promise. BurningOak is going to feature every artist playing at Summer Camp 2006 before the big weekend, May 26-28. Our first artist? Backyard Tire Fire. Artist: Backyard Tire Fire (Site) From: A number of places it seems, but they’re […]

  • Tour and Festival Updates

    First off, a few new openers have been added to the Dave Matthews Summer Tour. From Soulive to open for DMB at 7.28 Hartford Show We are pleased to announce that Soulive will be the support act for DMB on Friday, July 28th at the New England Dodge Music Center in Hartford, CT. Robert […]

  • Husky Rescue – Country Falls Review

    I finished up my third album review for just yesterday, and I thought you all should give it a read. Check it out here, Husky Rescue – Country Falls. Here’s a sample track, and my personal favorite from the album. Go read the review to see what I thought of the rest of it. […]

  • SummerCamp 2006 – Next Round of Artist Additions

    Wow. This SummerCamp lineup keeps getting so insane. First off, let me say it here and now: Some form of String Cheese Incident will play at Summercamp this year. Perhaps they won’t be officially on the bill. But I’m willing to bet that at some point – most likely the Zilla Late-Night, most of String […]

  • New Beatles Book

    Geoff Emerick, the sound engineer behind many of the Beatles’ albums, has just released a book with a large number of insights into their recording process. has an article about the book with a few samples, including the story of how Abbey Road got its name and some hidden lyrics on “Hey Jude.” Anyone […]