Music Blogger’s NCAA Pool

NCAA Music Pool

I had the idea on a music blogger forum I visit to start a Music Blogger’s March Madness Pool. So there’s a group of at least 11 of us participating now, and I’m looking for more music bloggers to enter. If you want in, send me an email or instant message with your name/email/site you run and I’ll get you an invitation. To see the current pool entries (though you can’t look at their picks yet) go to this address: ESPN Music Blogger’s Pool. You’ll need to go ahead and create an ESPN account if you don’t have one, and email me to get the password information to officially enter. All sites are welcome, don’t be scared.

Current Stakes (Not Finalized):

  1. Everyone writes a (rather ridiculous sounding) post about how much they adore the winner. (Let’s say around 200 words)
  2. The last place finisher has to write a serious piece on why Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Freebird is the best song ever written. (This one is 500 words minimum)
  3. Let’s add some other things on. Who’s Got Ideas?

Current Sites Participating (11):

Woo Hoo, Go ILLINI!

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  1. I’m in. I’ll submit my bracket tonight. Tough to decide whether I should go with my actual prediction of Illini losing to Uconn or my fantasy prediction of them avenging their finals loss last year against Bill Self and Kansas.

  2. Dude, count me in. When do I need to sign up by? Oh wait, I’m on vacation…

    I can’t wait to read those Freebird posts. I shouted it at the Bruce acoustic show. People laughed. Mission accomplished.

  3. haha yeah i was sad to count the illini out so early.