About Me

The Longer Version:

Hi, I’m Kane. I’m an online marketer based in Seattle, WA. I started out my web career by picking up “HTML 3.X For Dummies” at the library in 4th grade. I didn’t do anything useful with it until around 2005, when I began publishing websites of my own, and working with servers and WordPress.

Around 2008 I discovered that there was an entire community devoted to the concept of increasing organic search traffic – something I’d always gotten benefits from, but I had never thought to reverse engineer. For about 3-4 years I dived heavily into SEO & other digital marketing disciplines. I started out building and selling a handful of niche topic websites owned by my company, Hood Web Management. Around 2010 I started working as the in-house business development manager and marketing manager at a vacation rental company called Rainier Lodging. In 2011, I transitioned to full-time client work, still doing business as Hood Web Management.

In late 2012, Hood Web Management took on our first full-time employees and rebranded as Content Harmony. The brand name Content Harmony is a reflection of the fact that half of the work we were doing for clients fell outside of traditional SEO. Furthermore, most of the benefits of content and website improvements can’t be described as search engine optimization. The umbrella of “Content Marketing” is a much greater representation of the services we offer our clients.=

Playing on that evolution, the concept of Content Harmony is about helping our clients find a healthy balance between content strategy, content creation, content promotion, and analytics. Click here for the full story: “What is Content Harmony?“, and check out the Content Harmony Blog to see the great stuff we’re publishing. You can see everything I’ve published in the marketing world on my Writing page.

Fast forward to 2018 – Content Harmony has grown to an agency with 8-10 employees, and we decided to take the leap into building software that matches the internal workflow we’d built for content marketing strategy — specifically how we produce content briefs. That content marketing software launched to beta in 2019 and to early access customers in 2020.

Outside of the Marketing World:

I live with my family in West Seattle. I write occasionally about permaculture and urban homesteading at my personal website, Seattle Homestead. We’ve been featured in Better Homes & Gardens and we’re working towards some other publications, too. We’re in the process of building a courtyard around our home using sustainable natural building methods, we own chickens, and we plant lots of fruit trees and vegetables. It keeps us busy to say the least.

Additionally, we recently launched Insteading to feature some homesteading content unrelated to Seattle. We have a number of contributing authors in addition to myself.

In the past I’ve used KaneJamison.com to post some photography, host the archives of my old music blog BurningOak.com, and things that don’t fit on my other websites.

Get in Touch:

You can find me on twitter, linkedin, and if we know each other in real life feel free to add me on facebook. You can also email kanejamison [at] gmail (dot) com. If you’re reaching out regarding something in the marketing world, please contact kane [at] contentharmony (dot) com instead.