Photoshop Services – Photo Editing and Retouching

Looking for a photography editing service to specifically edit your photos?

I recommend the pay-by-the-edit Photoshop services option from Tucia and have used them for almost 10 years to help with editing my own photos. They’ve help me tweak headshot photos, fix lighting, remove stuff from real estate listing photos, and other projects that involve fixing photos we’ve taken.

Looking for a high-volume graphic design service to build marketing assets, illustrations, and other design projects beyond Photoshop?

I highly recommend the unlimited design services option from Penji and have used them for over a year with my content marketing studio, Fixture Media. They help us build blog graphics, charts, logos, and other graphic design projects like that.


Custom Photoshop Services – Advanced Editing For Your Photos:

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We’ve all seen the magical things that can be done with Photoshop. And we’ve all had photos that turned out badly that we wish we could fix.

Through our partners at Tucia we offer photo retouching, enhancement, and manipulation services.

  • Professional, manual work
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Exact pricing at time of purchase

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Photoshop Beautification - Lighting, Birds, Color

Scroll down for more examples of what we can do with your photos!

How It Works:

How Does The Process Work?

Advanced Photoshop Services:

  • Extensive improvements to photo coloration
  • Realistic old photo effects
  • Basic beauty retouching
  • Reshaping body figure
  • Remove facial blemishes
  • “Digital Makeup” application
  • Merge Photos (such as panoramic views with multiple shots)
  • Change backgrounds
  • Remove or create complicated photo elements (such as a vase on a table)

Basic Photoshop Services:

  • Red-eye Removal
  • Cropping and Resizing
  • Common image fixes like color and exposure adjustments
  • Removal of minor elements such as acne, stains and blotches, logos, etc.
  • Converting images to correct sizing for Facebook cover photos, Twitter backgrounds and logos, and other online uses


Basic image Photoshopping services are around $8 per image to fix a number of issues.

For more advanced requests, pricing ranges from $8-40 per image. You’ll get a full price quote at the time of purchase, and if the services can’t be done you’ll get a full refund.

Oh, and there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

Image Formats Accepted:

  • Common Camera Files: JPEG & JPG, TIF, NEF, CR2, DNG
  • Common Image Files: PNG, GIF
  • Photoshop Files: PSD

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Our Photoshop services are processed by Tucia.

Photo Editing Examples:

Photoshop Beautification - Lighting, Birds, Color

Photo Beautification – Adjustments to lighting, coloration, and even added elements like the birds in this photo

Fix Exposure Issues

Fix Exposure Issues – Underexposed and Overexposed images can often be saved!

Sharpen & Contrast Photos

Sharpen & Contrast Photos – Slightly blurry photos can be saved too!

Merge & Blend Photos

Merge & Blend Photos – Ever take “panoramic” photos but can’t get them to merge and blend just right? We’ve got the process dialed in!

Fake HDR Photos

Image Pop – Make dull photos come alive! We use a false HDR method to bring your photos to life and make them worthy of an art gallery!

Pop Art in Photoshop

Pop Art – Wish Andy Warhol had once painted you? No worries, we can fix that.

Photoshop Background for CD Cover

Photoshop Background & Backdrops – Turn average photos into art! Provide us with your photo and background and we’ll do the rest.

Change a Photo's Background

Create Backdrops – We can add in professional photo backgrounds to your photos, and even boost the image quality of the original shot in the process.

Add Fire to a Photo

Add Fire to A Photo – Realistic fire and flames added to just about any photo!

Watercolor Painting in Photoshop

Watercolor Painting – Lifelike watercolor paintings created from your photography – print quality just as large as the image you send in!

Realistic Oil Painting from Photo in Photoshop

Oil Painting – We can create a realistic oil painting from an average photograph.

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