New Beatles Book

Geoff Emerick, the sound engineer behind many of the Beatles’ albums, has just released a book with a large number of insights into their recording process. has an article about the book with a few samples, including the story of how Abbey Road got its name and some hidden lyrics on “Hey Jude.” Anyone had a chance to check this book out yet? It looks like a good read.

UPDATE: Tim at The Face Of Today has a recent Beatles post, and upon reading this did a little mp3 magic and has a copy of the “Hey Jude” clip in question. I still have a little trouble hearing it to tell you the truth, but that’s the idea isn’t it?

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  1. Ronnie
  2. tom

    you going to of montreal? because i am holding my tickets as i write this comment. yes sir. i will not exist in antarctica, and it will be heaven. anyways, i was just showing off. take care now

  3. Nice one Kane!

    I’ve put the offending bit of ‘Hey Jude up on my blog for all to hear!

    clip of paul saying a rude word!