Grateful Deadopoly – Now You Can Own Shakedown Street!

As I was perusing Twitter last night I noticed a bunch of retweets from @DeadOpoly. It seems that someone went ahead and created the Grateful Dead edition of Monopoly. Which makes sense, since you can add -opoly to the end of anything nowadays and create a game out of it. Ghettoopoly and Redneckopoly only serve [...]

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Aaron Schroeder – Black & Gold for $3.99!

This just in, get your own real-life, non-downloaded copy of Aaron Schroeder’s most recent CD, Black & Gold, for just $5.99 shipped straight to your door. I’ve only written briefly about his last album, Southern Heart In Western Skin, but it was quite amazing and is still a staple in my road trip selections, between [...]

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As If Cassettes Weren’t Enough…

…just bought these two: Pioneer PL-400 Turntable: original advertisement Grado Prestige Black Cartridge: link So… just have to get a preamp since my reciever has no phono inputs and I’m set. That is, I officially have way too many components in my stack. Hey dad, do you still have that vinyl brush?

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I just caught wind of an amusing application via False45th called the Mainstream-O-Meter. If you have a account you can just pop in your username and it will compare your listening habits to anyone else who has listened to that artist, and then spit out your “mainstreamness.” You can check out my results [...]

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Contrast Podcast – Song Chain

  It’s been a long time since I have contributed to the Contrast Podcast.  For those who don’t know, it’s something of a meta-podcast of music bloggers.  If you take a look at the blogroll on the sidebar of the website, you can see just how extensive the list of contributers has become.  The theme [...]

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FADER Dedicates Issue to Jerry Garcia

  A couple weeks ago FADER dedicated their current issue to Jerry Garcia, and on top of that, decided to distribute the .pdf of it for free.  Though the Grateful Dead will give any band a run for a spot in my all time top 5, I’ve rarely posted on them here at Burning Oak [...]

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Video: Obadiah Parker covers “Hey Ya”

[google -2702954667573493760 nolink] Obadiah Parker covering the Outkast song “Hey Ya,” with parts of the original music video mixed in. Video done by Brian Shaler. Apparently this went around on some music blogs last fall but I never saw it.

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Burning Oak: Now FlickrPro!

It was inevitable.  After a recent camera purchase and some beautiful weather recently, I’ve opted to finally upgrade my Flickr account so I can upload unlimited photos and have unlimited sets/collections.  I’ve already been having fun with it, and you can check out all some good concert coverage there: Concerts: –Guster @ Foellinger Auditorium 2007 [...]

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SXSW: Bishop Allen @ Schuba’s Day

Alright, many server issues aside I can get back to my SXSW coverage. After heading out from seeing The Teeth we walked across the street to the Schuba’s 11th Annual SXSW Roundup. I still can’t figure out what a Chicago venue is doing throwing parties in Austin, but all the power to them. I only [...]

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Fountains of Wayne

For those of you that didn’t realize, the “Stacy’s Mom” creators are actually an extremely talented and catchy band. The band has a new release titled Traffic and Weather coming out on April 3rd, and they’ve got a sampler of the single “Someone To Love” to listen to. I’m really liking it, you can check [...]

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