As If Cassettes Weren’t Enough…

…just bought these two:

Pioneer PL-400 Turntable

Pioneer PL-400 Turntable: original advertisement

Grado Prestige Black Cartridge

Grado Prestige Black Cartridge: link

So… just have to get a preamp since my reciever has no phono inputs and I’m set. That is, I officially have way too many components in my stack.

Hey dad, do you still have that vinyl brush?

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  1. Dad

    It’s called a “preener”. It’s been in some random box for, let’s see…..about 17 years…..when you ended any further use I had for it. Actually I’ll see, but moving and all?…..might not find it.

    What’s up with this retro stuff? Just when I finally get all or most of my components to accept the current standard… are out buying ANOTHER gadget to accept the old shit? So much for progress.

    Wanna trade amps?


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