FADER Dedicates Issue to Jerry Garcia

FADER Jerry Garcia 

A couple weeks ago FADER dedicated their current issue to Jerry Garcia, and on top of that, decided to distribute the .pdf of it for free.  Though the Grateful Dead will give any band a run for a spot in my all time top 5, I’ve rarely posted on them here at Burning Oak and the last two posts plus this one make up the first three Grateful Dead posts at the site.  Sad, eh?  Oh well, I’ll make up for it with a Garcia podcast, link, a free Garcia magazine, and if you stay tuned in the next week or so, a Garcia poster/shirt giveaway compliments of Burning Oak and FADER magazine.  Good stuff, no?

Podcast: http://www.thefader.com/blog/articles/category/podcasts

Magazine PDF: http://thefader.cachefly.net/thefader_issue46.pdf

Items to be given away (details soon):

Shirt: Link here

Poster: Link here

“If you get confused, listen to the music play.”