Links – Miles Davis, Neil Young, Mars on Google Maps

Some random things while I’m in between classes

  • Miles Davis is being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tonight. This might surprise some but I think it’s entirely appropriate considering some of the music he made.
  • The 2006 Bloggies awards were announced today. Sadly, no Music Blogs won any awards, and PostSecret seemed to walk away with about 4-6 of them. Hopefully next year they’ll figure it out and add a section just for Music Blogs, since podcast, photography, crafts, and about 7 different geographic regions all get their own sections. No I don’t feel that Entertainment counts, seeing as it includes all those stupid blogs that just talk about celebrities.

That’s all I have right now, I should get another post up tonight, whether it be a Summer Camp feature or that Of Montreal post. Until then, check out the sidebar for some good reading.