More Cowbell!!! – Of Montreal and More

Of Montreal last night was basically the best concert of my life.  Hands down, that’s it.  Let me say if you have a chance to catch any of their remaining shows, do everything legally possible to get there.  I’ll have a review up later, and sometime soon we should have a review of the Chicago show by our first guest-writer, but more on that later.  I’m about to start cooking up a rarin’ pasta dish for a couple friends, and go snag a bottle of red wine, too.  Should be a bizarre celebration.

If you didn’t catch that last reference, you haven’t listened to this song enough.  Of Montreal – “Wraith Pinned To The Mist (And Other Games).”

  • Marvellous Musical Melodies has got a bunch of Portishead covers posted.
  • I Guess I’m Floating has a really good artist featured named Merz.  First time I’ve heard of him but he’s definitely good.

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  1. thanks heaps for the shoutout!

    Gurg 🙂