Sorry Jesus, You’re Ineligible

I sent out a large email today to many of my favorite music bloggers inviting them to join our Music Blogger’s NCAA Pool. Sadly when I was putting together the emails I sent one to our friend Jesus over at What Would Jesus Blog, completely ignorant of his omnipotent powers. He set me straight with this reply:

i know who wins, that would be cheating. always bet on black.
i love you,
jesus christ
Maybe we can get Jesus to leave a comment on this site, at which point I can gain the full support of my mother on my online pursuits. Any Jesus support action today?

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  2. josh kremer

    This is Hilarious!!!!!!! You crazy S.O.B. You email Jesus…..think about that for a little bit.

  3. Jesus loves you but I’m his favorite

  4. tom

    haha. jesus and his honesty… one day this will get him killed