Links – CU Music Awards, Flickr Mashups, Gift Bags

A few links for you:

  • Go to to vote for WPGU’s Best of Champaign Urbana Music Awards.  I HIGHLY recommend you vote for Elsinore whenever possible.
  • WebMonkey has posted their list of the Ten Best Flickr Mashups, which involves online software using Flickr in some innovative way.  There is some really cool toys listed over there, take a look.
  • Pop Machine, a Chicago Tribune Blog, posted an article about Celebrity gift bags at place like the Academy Awards, Grammy’s, etc., and a particular commenter on the writeup had some rather insightful commentary:

“Celebrity gift bags. Yes, I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of giving away almost $100,000 worth of free goods to people who habitually make $20mil a movie. Goodness knows THEY deserve freebies. Just think about how much they had to spend on their dresses…oh wait. Um, What about their jewelry…oh nm. You know, it would be way cooler if each celebrity did a drawing from their official fan club and bestowed the gift bag on a devoted fan who probably can barely afford $20 to see their favorite star in theatre or on DVD.”

I’ll be back tomorrow (Thursday) with some more Austin links, I’d like to finish those up within two or three more posts, so look forward to it.