“Ted Pants, Are Falling Apart The Twelfth Time”

Kudos to Bethanne of Clever Titles Are So Last Summer for one of the better music blog names out there and a sweet video find.  This is one teenager‘s take on Fallout Boy’s “Dance Dance,” though I must say, the vocabulary skills indicate that this kid is reading at a college level.  Check it out here, at Google Video.

The idea was based off of a similar video done for Fallout Boy’s “Sugar We’re Going Down Something Blah Not Sure How Long The Actual Title Is” by this guy.  He did another one for some AFI song.

In case all of that was confusing as hell, just go here, and then here, and if you really liked those, this one, too. (Since I hate hotlinking go here for the guy’s main page)  Good reader.

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  1. it’s hilarious i tell you!

    i didn’t check out the “sugar, we’re going down” video yet, but i’m going to now!