Summer Camp Artist #21 – Keller Williams

Alright continuing with the idea of getting some big artists out of the way, Keller Williams is #21 in our Summer Camp Artist Series. He’s probably the most famous one-man band I can think of, correct me if I’ve overlooked someone else. Anyways, if you’ve never seen Keller live you may have even assumed he had a backing band. Nope. It’s all him. The Master of Loop Pedals puts on a great show and keeps the entire crowd dancing the whole time, all by his lonesome self.

Sooooo I’ve got some more video for you today, studio tracks, and a piece of a live set. But today is your lucky day, folks, and you know why? We’ve got TWO Keller videos from those awesome guys at JamCam from last year’s Summer Camp. Let’s start off with Keller Williams, doing an acoustic track of “Sing My Dinner” in the campground by himself last year at SC05.

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Next I’ve got those live tracks I promised. This segment is a single jam Keller did on January 27th, 2006, at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. Are you ready? Here it is:

Keller Williams
January 27th, 2006

The Birchmere
Alexandria, VA
via (click for full show)

Freeker By The Speaker >
Breathe >
Another Brick In The Wall >

Note: This show was also performed with Larry and Jenny Keel. The trio was playing as Keller & The Keels, which was also the pseudonym under which the three released 2006’s Grass. Keller introduces the two at the end of the Breathe Reprise. Larry Keel on guitar and Jenny Keel on bass. Also, if you’re looking for a great Keller show with a TON of originals and covers, check out the full show.


Alright next up let’s do another video. This time around we’ve got Keller’s from Summer Camp 2005 this time, but his actual stage set. Let’s check it out:

Keller Williams
Inhale to the Chief >
Hypnotize >
Jack-a-Roe >
Hypnotize reprise >
Interview (“multiple choice w/Keller Williams”) >
Inhale reprise >
Day that Never Was

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Alright, last off I’ve got a slew of studio tracks that are available free on Keller’s website, so let’s get started.

From Keller & The Keel’s, 2006’s Grass:

K&TK’s – Goof Balls

From 2002’s Laugh:

KW – Freeker By The Speaker

From 1999’s Breathe:

KW – Breathe

Last but not least check out Keller’s website and befriend him on MySpace.

Many thanks again to JamCam for offering and hosting the video files, check out their site and give them some lovin’, and make sure you sign up for their email list when you’re there.


You can find more information on the Summer Camp Music Festival here.

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