Category: SC2006 Artists Series

  • Summer Camp Artist #47 – The Disco Biscuits

    Here it is, THE LAST SUMMER CAMP ARTIST SERIES POST. Rocking in at #47 is the always danceable Disco Biscuits. Affectionally referred to as “Bisco” by many fans, the quartet arose in the mid-90’s at the University of Pennsylvania. If you’ve never seen Bisco, be sure to bring your dancin’ feet, since that’s the best […]

  • Summer Camp Artist #46 – Garbage Mountain

    Summer Camp Artist #46 is Garbage Mountain. They’re a quartet out of Chicago, IL. I like them because the tagline on their MySpace page is “Can I get a beef….dry…with sum hot peppers?” You should like them because they can jam. Check out this show from a couple months ago at Chicago’s own Kinetic Playground, […]

  • Summer Camp Artist #44 – Rochness Monster

    Summer Camp Artist #44 is Rochness Monster, a trio out of both Central Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin, apparently. They’ll be hitting up the Camping Stage at 3:30 on Friday afternoon. I’ve got nothing else to tell you except check out these tracks and befriend them on MySpace. Rochness Monster – Skin It Back Rochness Monster […]

  • Summer Camp Artist #43 – Elsinore

    Summer Camp Artist #43 is another personal favorite of mine, Champaign-Urbana’s very own Elsinore. A quartet with a new release out last month, they’re easily on of my favorite new music finds this year. I’ve got a few tracks to share with you, and don’t forget to check out their website and befriend them on […]

  • Summer Camp Artist #42 – Vince Herman

    Summer Camp Artist #42 is Vince Herman (frontman/founder of Leftover Salmon), and he’s also the Master of Ceremonies for Summer Camp 2006. That basically means he’s the MC on the main stage, and might even play a set or two over the course of the weekend. I’ve got a big hint for you though… if […]

  • Summer Camp Artist #41 – Alan Vasquez

    Summer Camp Artist #41 is kind of me cheating a little, I’ve chosen Alan Vasquez. I have to finish like 5 more regular Summer Camp artists before I can consider moving to the Thursday artists, but I’m making an exception this time because I’m a fan of Alan Vasquez’s music. Alan is a one-man band […]

  • Summer Camp Artist #40 – Drop Q

    Summer Camp Artist #40 is Drop Q, a Chicago SuperJamBand formed by members of Umphrey’s McGee, OM Trio, Kick The Cat, and Fareed Haque Group. This is their second year at Summer Camp (at least) and they’ll be hitting up the Sunshine Stage at 12:30 on Saturday afternoon.  Befriend them on MySpace and check out […]

  • Summer Camp Artist #39 – Rusted Root

    Summer Camp Artist #39 is the Pittsburgh sextet, Rusted Root. Another one of the headliners, they are best known to non-fans for their songs “Send Me On My Way” and “Ecstasy.” You can find them playing the main stage at Summer Camp on Saturday at 4:30. As always check out the band’s website and befriend […]

  • Summer Camp Artist #38 – moe.

    Here they are. The headliners. The big #38 on the Summer Camp Artist Series is the one and only moe. They probably don’t need much introducing, but they’re a 5-piece act out of New York State, and they’ve been going strong for (I’m guessing here) probably around a decade give or take. I know they […]

  • Summer Camp Artist #37 – Waterstreet

    Entry #37 in our Summer Camp Artist Series is Waterstreet. Hailing from the mean streets of Peoria, IL, just a few minutes South of Chillicothe, where Summer Camp itself is held, Waterstreet is a quartet quintet who have just added a member this month it appears. They’ve been around for 3 years now, have a […]