Summer Camp Artist #05 – The Steepwater Band

The fifth in our Summer Camp Artists Series is The Steepwater Band, a Chicago-based trio, self-described as a “hard-driving synthesis of gutsy hard rock, gritty Delta blues, soulful backwoods boogie, and down-home psychedelia.” I don’t know about all that fancy jive, but they do manage to mix some good classic southern rock sound with great vocals to make for an interesting addition to Summer Camp. Had the song “Black Betty” ever inspired a band to form, you’ve found ’em.

Most of our previously featured artists have erred on the side of bluegrass, but The Steepwater Band will be attractive to fans of blues-based rock jams and anyone who happens to get a little pissed off at the wookies running around the place. I can’t imagine why you’d be at Summer Camp if that was the case, considering the wook-fest that it is, but work with me on this one. Here’s a few tracks to check out, head over to their homepage for more info or to their MySpace page to befriend them.

From 2006’s Stoneface Records Collision EP:

The Steepwater Band – Collision
The Steepwater Band – Mercy
The Steepwater Band – Mean Old World (Live)

From 2000’s self-released Goin’ Back Home:

The Steepwater Band – She’s Nineteen Years Old (This is a very sweet blues jam)

From 2001’s self-released Live… Half In The Bag!:

The Steepwater Band – Steady Rollin’ Man (Robert Johnson cover, only available online. Make sure you check out this entire jam, because it gets pretty damn good towards the end.)


You can find more information on the Summer Camp Music Festival here.

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