Summer Camp Artist #46 – Garbage Mountain

Summer Camp Artist #46 is Garbage Mountain. They’re a quartet out of Chicago, IL. I like them because the tagline on their MySpace page is “Can I get a beef….dry…with sum hot peppers?” You should like them because they can jam. Check out this show from a couple months ago at Chicago’s own Kinetic Playground, and see for yourself. Of course, only after you check out the band’s website and befriend them on MySpace.

Garbage Mountain
March 30th, 2006

Kinetic Playground
Chicago, IL

Disc One:
1. 40 Kirbys
2. General Public
3. Mana
4. It’s Easy
5. Sloop Jones

Disc Two:
1. Without Fear
2. Pez
3. Brokedown
4. Puddle
5. Somebody’s Watching Me
6. Long Drive
7. Turtleneck

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