Summer Camp Artist #27 – Zilla

I’ve chosen Zilla to be the 27th entry in our Summer Camp Artist Series. They’re similar to just about every Summer Camp lineup artist in that they jam. They’re unique in that they have no predetermined setlist, or even a vague idea of what they’ll play each night. The band gets on stage… and they begin.

Fans of the String Cheese Incident will recognize Michael Travis, longtime Cheese percussionist, as the man behind the kit in Zilla. He is joined by Jamie Janover on hammered dulcimer, mini-kit, percussion, sampler, electric kalimba, and sitar, as well as Aaron Holstein on guitar, bass, sampler, and keys. You can check out the Boulder, CO, trio on the Sunshine Stage at Summer Camp on Friday evening, or at their late-night show with The Disco Biscuits on Friday. As always check out the band’s website and befriend them on MySpace.

From 12/29/2005 in San Francisco:

Zilla – A Long Conversation With A Tiny Clown
Zilla – Absconding Moo Shoo
Zilla – Joists

From Zilla’s Spring Tour, Assorted:

Z – Portions
Z – Smarmy Minions
Z – Dumpster Derby
Z – Crab Lynx
Z – Harry the Shopwrecker
Z – Rumplestiltskin’s Other Broom
Z – Knitting With Rope
Z – Armwrestling Slowpokes


You can find more information on the Summer Camp Music Festival here.


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