Monday Links – Chili Peppers, Keller Williams, Thriller, Sia

EARFarm has his usual high quality postin’. Get a live Chili Peppers show and a sweet Loose Fur track from his “8+” series.

FreshBread has his own 420 post similar to ours, but his has a great Keller Williams partial-set.

Hans at Here Comes The Flood has (I believe) the entire Jammy’s 2006 for download. They were held last Thursday.

Trees Lounge hits Maryland in his 50 States tour. I have no clue about anything regarding that state, but there’s a lot of songs and artists I haven’t heard of.

Jesus is givin’ away decoder rings for the profound and insightful among us.

You Ain’t No Picasso has some Thriller covers. I have quite a few myself from this album, albeit radically different genres. Good selections on his part, though, Ben Gibbard and Belle & Sebastion would have trouble screwing up any song.

It’s an older one, but DoCopenhagen has the video of Sia – Colour Me. It’s really cool, and it took 2500 polaroids to make it.