Michael Jackson: Live in Brunei

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Once upon a time the most eccentric guy on Earth was a great performer, and BigO just uploaded a solid recording recently. This recording is a soundboard from Jerudong Park Garden, Brunei, on July 16, 1996. Apparently a Sultan paid $15-20 Million for the man in the mirror to play his 50th birthday bash, which 60,000 Bruneians showed up for, and you can certainly hear ’em screaming on the recording during a very cool Carmina Burana introduction. So check out the show, I haven’t made it through the whole thing yet but I like what I’ve got so far, let’s hear how you like it.

Michael Jackson
July 16th, 1996

Jerudong Park Garden, Brunei
via BigO Worldwide

Disc One
01 – Carmina Burana intro
02 – Jam
03 – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
04 – Human Nature
05 – Smooth Criminal
06 – I Just Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
07 – She’s Out Of My Life
08 – I Want You Back
09 – The Love You Save
10 – I’ll Be There
11 – Thriller
12 – Billie Jean

Disc Two
01 – The Way You Make Me Feel
02 – Beat It
03 – You Are Not Alone
04 – Dangerous
05 – Black Or White
06 – Man In The Mirror
07 – Earth Song

Disc One Cover
Disc One Back
Disc Two Cover
Disc Two Back

Thanks to BigO Worldwide for hosting these files and sharing the show.

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  1. I listened to this last week off BigO and was impressed. Not much of an MJ fan but I liked a few of the classics and downloaded them.

  2. Dad

    Well, I have to admit that I liked a lot of his creativity and stuff for a lot of years. Jackson 5, then he turned solo and he grew up and produced Killer etal.
    We’re essentially the same age….as is Donnie Osmond sp?,of all people.
    I remember seeing the 2 of them in the 60’s together as kids on the Dating Game or something, with these 12 year old girls winning a “date” with them. Their paths forked over the years. One ended in somewhat of a normal situation I think….the other? Hmm.
    But the more creative one of the two? Jackson hands down. The guy produced some great stuff. And might have given up his sanity because of it I think.

    And today? They posted the Karr story on Jon Benet…not a part of it….as suspected….and that just makes it more sick. A wannabe for that?
    and I can’t help but think that guy and this guy are just disturbed in ways that I can’t deal with.

    But the creativity and the history of work are definitely there. You can’t deny that. I guess, lots of great people in history who were creative fall in line with this. There’s no shortage of brilliant disturbed individuals in the art, literature, music worlds. So, good post. I’m gonna enjoy the songs for what they are.


  3. bonjour, je suis tres contente d’etre en contact avec toi.
    je suis femme 42ans qui a toujours aime ecoute chante si je pouvais te touche te voir pres de moi je ne tarderrai pas de te demander une lettre d’invitation pour Brunei

  4. THEO

    Hello.Do you have this concert on dvd?

  5. hello

    one day i was in the internet, in google, and i see mj cover of the brunei concert, i see all this songs i let impacted


  6. Aaron

    Thanks a lot! Wow… this is awesome!

  7. Jason

    oh if any one has the video footage foer this concert that would be great
    i would like to get the link for it

  8. kangta164

    I was googling about concerts in Brunei when i stumble upon this site. He was the only artists who sold out the whole ampitheatre in Brunei then. So much memories of this concert when i was a kid.

    By the way, the Sultan was celebrating his 50th birthday then. Thanks for this site buddy. 🙂