A Few Links – Phish, Talking Heads, Augustana, Oh No Oh My, Radiohead, 56 Hope Road

I thought I’d throw out a few links tonight to some of BurningOak’s old posts and a few from friends of ours.

First, Phish’n’Chips has Phish from ’93 and Trey’s Sirius interview.

Jah JoJo has some sweet blog recommendations including BurningOak, and bitchin’ Rumba Del Soul song on his MySpace page.

Check out this old post of mine with some great tracks from the band Say Anything.

MarathonPacks throws up some ’75 Talking Heads. And I love very few bands more than Talking Heads.

Trees Lounge once again has an extremely long 50 States Post. His Massachusetts post involves 61 tracks by my count. Check out Augustana – “Boston” in particular. Good for him.

Matt at You Aint No Picasso talks to Oh No! Oh My! I’d really like to see these guys in Champaign or Chicago at some point.

Matt at EARFarm is good at everything, just read whatever the hell you can find. Also, thank you Radiohead.

If you live in Chicago, I’ll be at Cubby Bear this Saturday night, May 6th, to check out Family Groove Company‘s record release party including 56 Hope Road as well. Check out both of their Summer Camp Artist Posts, and come out to celebrate and dance with us all.