Fountains of Wayne

fountainsofwayneFor those of you that didn’t realize, the “Stacy’s Mom” creators are actually an extremely talented and catchy band. The band has a new release titled Traffic and Weather coming out on April 3rd, and they’ve got a sampler of the single “Someone To Love” to listen to. I’m really liking it, you can check out the eCard here.

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  1. Awesome! I love FoW.

    The guys who programmed the e-card made a bit of a blunder, though; when the “send to a friend” function is clicked, the draft of the email misspells the band’s name as “Fountain’s of Wayne.” Twice. Yipes!

  2. Wow… that’s *really* observant of you

  3. tom

    it’s not a bad song. i can’t get over “stacy’s mom” though. that song was so overplayed i couldn’t take it anymore. now every time i hear this band, i think of nothing but that song and want to cry. i honestly have no desire to even hear the album. the singers voice is so distinct, it makes me think of “stacy’s mom” every single time. it’s like getting “oops i did it again” stuck in your head. nobody can survive that