SXSW: Gina Lee & The Brisket Boys @ Flipnotics

After awaking with something of a dry throat Friday after quite an enjoyable Thursday evening, my hosts and I headed to Flipnotics coffee shop where they were both playing. Since I haven’t mentioned so far, I was staying with my cousin Sweet Basil McJagger, organist for The Derailers, and his wife Gina Lee, Austin’s finest yodelist. If they’re actually referred to as yodelists, that is. The two of them were playing with a few others as Gina Lee & The Brisket Boys, and they’re always an enjoyable set. I’ve got an mp3 here of Gina Lee singing as well as pictures from the show, click to check out the rest of the pictures at flickr. The song, “Why I’m Walking,” is off of a recent Bloodshot Records compilation dedicated to Wanda Jackson.

From Hard-Headed Woman: A Celebration of Wanda Jackson:

MP3: Gina Lee – Why I’m Walking

See all of the pics from Gina Lee & The Brisket Boys at flickr.

Next Up: Megan Melara following up Gina Lee at Flipnotics…