SXSW: Best Attempts At Booker T, Salvaged By Jazz-Hop

Antone's SXSW
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After catching the last of Bishop Allen’s set we headed towards the downtown region across the river to Antone’s to get in line for the Booker T & The MGs show around 6. Little did we know they would let us stand in line until 7:30 before making us aware that it was a badges only show, and we had zero chance of getting in. We were even 15th in line. Ugh, oh well, I did manage to snap a shot of some ridiculous “manpri’s:”

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Manpri’s aside, we walked next door to a nice lil’ hookah bar called Red Fez, where we caught a few good songs by Afrofreque (you can listen at their MySpace), a very solid jazzy hip-hop act.

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As is the theme of SXSW it was time to keep moving along, stopping at many a random bar for many a random beer with my hosts for the week. From left, Gina Lee, Sweet Basil of The Derailers, and yours truly:

Gina, Jon, Kane
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Musically the rest of the night wasn’t too eventful, some random bands not necessarily memorable and not necessarily by their own fault.

Next up: Friday morning starts off with both of the above hosts playing as Gina Lee & The Brisket Boys (Website) at Flipnotics, and continues with some of my favorite shows of the week later in the afternoon. Stay tuned…

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