Early Summer Camp Coverage

Summer Camp 2007

I pulled back into Urbana this morning after an exciting weekend in Chillicothe, IL, at Summer Camp 2007. Despite some inclement weather throughout the weekend and an unfortunate car accident along the way, it was a great weekend of music living up to all of my expectations for Summer Camp in the past. There are already some torrents showing up which I will be tracking here, and some news coverage from the local Peoria newspaper, including a police report (there was some heavier police presence than previous SC’s), and some coverage of Les Claypool’s activity, the events surrounding Summer Camp almost not returning to Chillicothe, and a report on the festivalgoers.

In the meantime until I get some more coverage up, enjoy some photos. My full photos from the festival can be found at Flickr.

moe. Sunday Night
moe. Sunday Night
moe. Sunday Night 05/27/2007

Banana Man @ Backyard Tire Fire
Banana Man at Backyard Tire Fire

John's Dress
John in his Dashiki

moe. Sunday Night
moe. before sunset

Relaxing at Camp Clover
Relaxing at Camp Clover

Gentlemen of Camp Clover
The guys of Camp Clover

Captain Good Times and Nina
Nina and Captain Good Times’ Sweaty Nipple

Future Rock
Future Rock on Thursday night

Family Groove Company
Family Groove Company

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  1. Dad

    Hey, sorry about the wreck, but I’m glad you were OK. And…you didn’t disappoint, the fest was pretty much as you told me it would be. Laid back, good time, with of course a “few” exceptions. 19 according to the paper. LOL
    Anyway, thanks for the early Father’s day present, and your sister’s birthday present. We were “digging” all the mallet players we kept seeing there, who knew that is in vogue with some of these bands?
    I missed a ton of people I’d have loved to see. Chicago Farmer, FGC, Backyard Tire Fire, on and on. But, I found Les Claypool, Cornmeal, Umphrey’s finally, and moe. Oh yeah, the NC band Toubab Krewe? Awesome.

    Thanks for letting us join you, and I gotta tell you? Being around a bunch of friendly laid back people? What a great thing. It mellowed me out too.
    Thanks for that. Thanks for inviting us.