Summer Camp: Future Rock

Future Rock @ Summer Camp

After setting up camp and a little sprinkle on Thursday night, and then checking out some music at the Sunshine Stage, I closed the night out with Future Rock on the camping stage. If you’re the type to listen to Disco Biscuits, Sound Tribe Sector 9, !!!, or whoever else, this will whet your appetite for certain.  I recommend starting with an amazing opener, “Da Funk.”  “Airplane Traintracks” has a very solid jam after a cool Pink Floyd sampled intro.  “Die Junge Ein” has some great drumming at the start and jams through into “Gears,” which has a happier and majestic techno vibe to it.  “FM 1” was a funky track off of their upcoming album.  “Torture” is an all around good song that was featured here a couple weeks ago in the Summer Camp Artist Series.  “Zipper Front” sadly ended early due to a power outage, but the band managed to pull it back into a drum solo to close the night.  Definitely a great set by the band, they’ve got me hooked.

Future Rock
May 24th, 2007

Summer Camp 2007
Camping Stage 9:30pm
Files via
Taper: Matt Nicgorski

1) Crowd Noise
2) Da Funk
3) Pulsewidth
4) Airplane Traintracks %
5) Die Junge Ein
6) Gears
7) FM1
8) Torture
9) Broken Glass
10) Zipper Front*
11) Drum Solo / Crowd (After Power Failure)

% Pink Floyd sample for intro
* Power Failure

Future Rock @ Summer Camp