Free Panjea Album w/ Chris Berry and Michael Kang

Panjea, the african rhythm band led by Chris Berry who has toured for a couple years now with Michael Kang of String Cheese Incident, is giving away a free album featuring live tracks from their summer tour.  I had a chance to see these guys at Summer Camp 2006 and interview them for Burning Oak, unfortunately none of the footage from the interview turned out to be usable, which was fairly devastating at the time, I assure you.  Anyways, head over to and fill in your information for their mailing list, and you’ll be treated to tracks from Rothbury, Wakarusa, and 10KLF.  Track listing after the jump:

Panjea2008 Festival Compilation

This CD was complied from three festivals Panjea performed at this summer. The running time is 74 minutes and was recorded at the following festivals.

Wakarusa Festival – June 6, 2008
Rothbury Music Festival – July 7, 2008
10KLF Festival – July 7, 2008

Track Listing
1. Are You Ready (Wakarusa) – 5:37
2. Dreamer (Wakarusa) – 6:08
3. Break Free (Wakarusa) – 6:21
4. 911 (Rothbury) – 7:39
5. Snake In the Grass (Rothbury) – 7:17
6. Desert Dawn (Rothbury) – 7:46
7. Everyday (Rothbury) – 12:02
8. Love On A Mountain (Rothbury) – 7:15
9. Atio (10KLF) – 6:28
10. Trickster (10KLF) 7:37