Burning Oak Podcast #02 – 10KLF Preview

I’ve got a great set of tracks for you on this one, all featuring artists from Friday of 10,000 Lakes Festival in the order they go on stage. Look forward to an incredible Keller William’s Incident cover, some fine plucking by Stealin’ Strings, a jazz rendition of a Beatles favorite, some funk, some rock, a little Phil Lesh to bring in some bass, and a crazy dance party to close it all out, just like your Friday night. Here it is, the second Burning Oak Podcast.

BurningOak.com Podcast #02 – 10,000 Lakes Festival Friday Preview

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Railroad Earth – “Little Rabbit”
07:00 – Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey – “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” (The Beatles cover)
11:30 – Stealin’ Strings – “Fallin’”
16:49 – Madahoochi – “Seems Like She Loves Me”
23:56 – Keller Williams Incident – “Franklin’s Tower” (Grateful Dead cover)
33:29 – God Johnson – “Squirms”
39:15 – Phil & Friends – “Deal”
47:37 – Green Lemon – “Flight of the Manwe”
55:58 – The End

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