More Austin, TX Love

Austin, TX Recommendations No. 2:

How about a restaurant suggestion?  I’m sure you’ll all do plenty of eatin’ while hanging about town for nearly a week, so here’s one of the places I visited.  It’s called Magnolia Cafe and it’s located on 1920 South Congress Avenue.  I personally went there for breakfast hours but I enjoyed a Pepper Chicken sandwhich or something generic.  I think the main thing you should take away from this restaurant pick is that they serve Fat Tire beer, which happens to be one of the best beers ever made, and you should enjoy the hell out of them in Texas if you’re from Chicago like me and rarely see them around (Yes I know they’re here now but barely).

Once you’re finished up at Magnolia Cafe, head down the street to Uncommon Objects, arguably the coolest “old crap” store I’ve ever seen.  They’ve got lots of cool old junk, like Shriner hats and tons of used cowboy boots, and boy are they stylish.  Anyways, if you’ve ever enjoyed thrift shopping or antique stores, this has all the coolest aspects of both, and its a little cleaner to be honest.

And you can finish up (or start off) your walk down South Congress at Jo’s Coffee, featuring hot coffee, good food, and cold beer.  They’ve got some open air tents, free wifi, and even better the occasional merchant or musician, and a great people watching spot right nearby our recommended lodging, The Austin Motel.