Links – Walmart, Aimee Mann, John Cale, Alejandro Escoveda

  • Aimee Mann on Conan O’Brien on February 9th
  • WalMart entering the music label business? I’m sure glad that it’s going to be rednecks and Top 40, heaven forbid I have to go in that evil warehouse of small-business-killing wares.
  • I agree with Leslie Walker, there’s way too much crap out there for me to bother investing in anything, especially with my unemployed wages. Now I love iPod’s as much as the next music fan, but if I’ve held out this long, then screw it. Not too mention I have a billion CD’s in my car that work fine, and the only other place I listen to music is in front of the computer, where I am half of the time anyways.
  • I’m surprised that Here Comes The Flood (who just hit post #1000) hasn’t gotten to this already, but he can’t be taking too long to post it. John Cale Produces New Alejandro Escovedo Album (via PitchforkMedia).

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  1. A bit late for a reply, but hey, I posted about the Escovedo/Cale production here (november 30, 2005):

    Update here:

    O, and I love all the cool mp3’s you are posting.