SXSW: Megan Melara @ Flipnotics

Quickly after Gina Lee & The Brisket Boys left the stage, Megan Melara walked on and began her set. She had a very good vibe and performed nearly all originals if I recall correctly, with the exception of a wonderful rendition of Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.” I did manage to find a copy of her song entitled “Back Home” to share with you. Take a listen and make sure to find her website and myspace and say hello. Also, load up the mp3 player at her site and give that cover of “Hallelujah” a listen.

MP3: Megan Melara – Back Home

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  1. Kristina

    No “Hallelujah” MP3? Such a beautiful song…

  2. No I actually had trouble finding a copy of any of her songs, and I’m still not certain if she even wants this one up or not, but I’ve sent her a link to the article, so hopefully she’ll see it and tell me if she’d rather it wasn’t up. I’d love to post a copy of the “Hallelujah” track, though.

  3. Dad

    Voice like an angel….halleujah! I actually like her own song “Back Home” better, but you know? To each his own. The cover was good too.