Summer Camp Ticket Giveaway

Well I’m happy to announce that Burning Oak will be having a contest to give away One (1) Summer Camp Three-Day Pass. The contest is sponsored by Family Groove Company, and I’ll have more details in the next couple days for you. Don’t worry, you’ll have to do a little work for it. Maybe a scavenger hunt. That’d be neat. I’ll decide quickly, I know many of you need to be getting your tickets.

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  1. Nice, dude. Sorry I didn’t make it out last night. I’m sure the show was fun.

  2. Kremer

    Well well well……you just puckered up my butthole with this announcement! I’ll do just about anything to get a free summercamp ticket! You know this is very true as well! Keep me posted buddy! Peace!

  3. Kremer I can’t believe you said that. Well done.