Summer Camp Music Festival 2006

Summer Camp is an annual camping music festival held at the end of May at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL, which is about 15 minutes North of Peoria, IL. Typically bands such as moe., Umphrey’s McGee, Keller Williams, and similar acts perform. This years lineup is shaping up to be an incredible weekend, and you can hear all of the bands that will be playing at the festival during’s Summer Camp Artists Series, where we basically present you with music from each and every band attending over the course of the weekend.

You can find more logistical/planning information at, and you can purchase tickets through Etix.

From the website:

This will be the sixth installment of the Summer Camp Music Festival! This year’s fest will feature 3 days of music, over 40 bands on 3 stages, late night shows, onsite camping, unique vendors, great food and lots of good beer! Plus all the fun and friends you’ve come to expect from Summer Camp!

moe. (3 nights!)
Umphrey’s McGee (2 nights!)
Keller Williams
Yonder Mountain String Band
Rusted Root
The Disco Biscuits
Andrew Bird
Honkytonk Homeslice featuring Billy Nershi of String Cheese Incident
Zilla featuring Michael Travis of String Cheese Incident
Oteil & the Peacemakers
featuring Oteil Burbridge of the Allman Brothers Band
New Monsoon
Apollo Sunshine
Vince Herman formerly of Leftover Salmon
Tea Leaf Green
ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra)
Chris Berry featuring Michael Kang of String Cheese Incident
Pnuma Trio
Glenn Kotche of Wilco
The Lee Boys
Drop Q
Backyard Tire Fire
Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Family Groove Company
The Brakes
Brother’s Past
The Steepwater Band
Future Rock
Ernie Hendrickson & the Make Believe
Malcolm Palmer
56 Hope Road
The Station
Fat Maw Rooney
Coal Train
Jassy Grazz
Public Property
Gran Bel Fisher
Brain Child
Garbage Mountain
Rochness Monster

For more information, please visit SUMMER CAMP 2006’s OFFICAL WEBPAGE!

Tickets on sale NOW! Tickets will be $100 thru 4/20, $115 thru 5/25 and $125 at the gate. BUY YOUR TICKETS THROUGH ETIX NOW! Available through calling 1-800-514-ETIX.

Also, here is the FAQ from Chad at JayTV’s forums:

Is there a family area?
No.  But kids under 6 are free.

Will there be handicap accessible facilities?
Yes, to a limited extent.  Be prepared for a pretty large campground, and refer to the map to get an idea of where everything’s located.  There is a shuttle-type farm vehicle that would be happy to take you from the front gate to your campsite.

What’s the best thing to bring?
A tent. Clean socks. Brownies.

Are there showers?
Yes, Rubber Ducky, what they are charging is tba

Will you be able to buy Late Night Tickets in advance?
That question will be cleared up with the Late Night annoucement.

Can you bring in alcohol?
No, there will be beer on tap and package liquor for purchase at the SC General Store. Patrons cannot bring outside alcohol in, due to Three Sisters insurance policy and liquor license.

Can I park my VW bus next to my tent?
No, unless you park in the RV area.  No vehicles allowed on the campgrounds. There will be a shuttle-type service to take you and your gear to your desired camping spot.

Why is your email so messed up and we’re not receiving info?
Behind on technology. Working to correct the problem.

Are costumes and mild craziness encouraged?

I’d love to RV it this year with my super-souped out camper. What are my chances of getting an RV spot, and can I buy my RV spot now?
There are 150 spaces available and no advance reservations, first come first serve, the RV site will fill up around 3pm Saturday so come early to get your spot!!!

Hi, I’m a college student from blah blah blah, and I was wondering if you needed my help in promotion of the festival in my neck of the woods.
Please contact Mike Armintrout at [email protected] if you are interested in promoting this festival.

Do you guys have a lost and found location with the stuff that people lost at Summer Camp this year?
Contact Three Sisters Park,

Why do you charge for the Late Night Shows? Do you have to leave the summer camp area/camping area and DRIVE to attend the late night shows (the site said they’re at a different venue?) or if they are in reasonable walking distance from the camping area.
The late night shows are a separate cost, only because the venue is very small and only a small percentage of the folks at the fest will be able to attend (the shows always sell out). The venue is on the festival site. Everything is within a 5-10 minute walk.

What can we do to be competitive about getting these scarce late night show tickets?
Keep your eyes on the Summer Camp Festival website and the forums.  I’d say to sign up to our email list, but it’s not exactly working at the moment.

Can I park my car and leave if I want to so I can go to the corner store?  If so, do I have to pay $5 every time I come back in?
At this moment, that is up in the air.  Please talk to the Parking Attendant when you arrive, probably if you’ll be gone a while they’ll charge again, but that depends on your particular situation.  Just talk to the parking folks and they’d be glad to help you out.

Do one-day tickets allow you to go in and out of the festival throughout that day?
One day tickets ONLY allow you access to the MAIN STAGE AMPITHEATRE – they do NOT allow you to roam the campgrounds and camp for the night.  Once the music on the main stage ends, only people with 3 Day Camping passes will be allowed to camp, everyone else will be asked to exit.  Let me say again that ONLY 3 DAY FESTERS GET TO CAMP!!

Can I get my Thursday pre-party tickets and camp for the night if I have a One Day pass for the next day?
ONLY IF YOU HAVE THREE DAY CAMPING TICKETS!  You can purchase these tickets on Thursday if you like at the gate.  There is no other possible way to camp UNLESS you purchase 3 Day Camping Tickets!!

Is there a chance that tickets will be sold out, or can I rely on being able to get a one day ticket at the gates?
Summer Camp has never sold out, and tickets are definitely not a problem.  Come one, come all!

Is there any chance of buying a camping pass for 1 night? We plan on coming for the Sunday main stage single day pass, but would like to camp out over night, leaving Monday morning. If this does not include camping, is there a way that I can “upgrade” in order to insure I have access to the camp grounds?  
For the last time, NO.  NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!

I purchased a ticket about a month ago using this email address to have the ticket sent to.  Unfortunately I cannot find it in my email now. Can I somehow get it resent?
Please contact ETIX at 1-800-514-ETIX or visit  You can definitely get it re-sent or re-printed or whatever you need.

Hi, I bought tickets and just found out that I need to be at a wedding the weekend of Summer Camp. I was planning on reselling the tickets at face value. My name is on the tickets. Will that cause problems for the person I sell it to, or is the name irrelevant at the gates?
The name doesn’t matter.  You can sell to whomever you want, and it will be scanned at the front gate just like every other ticket.

Are fires allowed?
No, you cannot have your own personal fire at Summer Camp. There is a large community camp fire that will go on nightly, next to the Red Barn.

I was wondering about the typical size of this festival. The line-up sounds OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD, so I’m wondering if the number of people is max? As a comparison, is it as big as Bonaroo?
Nowhere near as big as Bonaroo, Wakarusa, etc.  No max on the amount of people. Last year we had 8,000 people, the year before that about the same, and this year ticket sales in advance have been fantastic.  It’s hard to tell how many people will show up at this stage of the game, but it’s a good bet that it will be between 8 and 10 thousand this year.

Will there be a rave/dj tent this year?
No word on that as of yet.