Links – Sufjan Stevens, moe.

First, go to Take Your Medicine and download his first ever podcast. It features charming British accents, good music, and an excusable mispronunciation of Sufjan Stevens. Why is it excusable? Because seriously, did any of you know for the first month of listening to him that it was pronounced soof-yan? I sure had no clue. Ah well, another kind fellow informed the poor chap and all is well. KBC – Pride Before the Fall (a new fave), some Voxtrot which I also featured the other day, and like 5 other tracks. Just listen to it damnit.

Go to LiveMusicBlog for some music that highlights my weekend. moe., Bisco, ahhhhh……. Here’s last night’s Champaign Urbana setlist by moe., I’ll do one big writeup on it after the weekend is over, but good things folks, good things:

02/02/06 Foellinger Auditorium, Urbana, IL

Set I: Spine Of A Dog> New York City> She Sends Me, Four> Wicked Awesome, Captain America> Bring It Back Home1

Set II: Tailspin> Meat, Biblical, Opium> 32 Things> New York City

Encore: Join Together> Nebraska 1

last time played 4/08/05, 73 shows.
(Thanks to luvchuck (Amy), happy 75th) This setlist is unconfirmed or incomplete

First off the Tailspin>Meat to start off the second set hit at least the 42 minute mark.  My god good things are in store tonight.  Hope to see you all there!  Leave some love in the comments if you’re going!