Sharing Time – Austin City Limits Tickets, Coal Train, RAQ

I’ve got a few random things today.

  • Austin City Limits tickets went on sale today I believe.  They’re on sale for sure, I’m just not sure if it was today.  Also… I happen to know in advance some of the ACL Lineup for the September 2006 festival. But I can’t let you know yet, so stay tuned. Or you could try to figure it out for yourself…
  • Coal Train (Summer Camp Artist #03) has some new demos posted just recently. They’re titled “Bit of String” and “Donna Colby.” You can listen to those links and check out more at
  • Thanks to a number of sites linking to our Summer Camp Artist Series.  Everyone check out what they’ve got for ya’.  The RAQ MySpace Blog for one, featuring news on the band.  Phish n’ Chips Blog, the online bastard child of the infamous Wisconsin radio show.  Matt from EAR FARM, probably one of the best blogs around if you like to mix it up every now and then and aren’t stuck in a perpetual indie groove.  Check out his “8+” posts, they’re great.

That’s all I’ve got in links for the day.  I’m working on Summer Camp Artist #11, which will be posted this evening or tomorrow.  You’ll like it I promise.  K Bye.



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