Seattle’s Reverb Fest Today

Seattle's Reverb Fest

Just caught wind of this a couple days ago, but I’m headed over to Seattle Weekly’s Reverb Fest this afternoon.  $10 for an all day ticket buys you access to 65 bands at ± 9 venues in the Ballard area, which is hard to pass up.  Some possible sets I may catch:

Kate Tucker & the Sons of Sweden at Tractor at 5:30pm

pufferfish at Mr. Spot’s Chai House at 6:30pm

Lonesome Rhodes & The Good Company at The Tractor at 7:30pm

Truckasauras at Market Street Athlete at 9:00pm

From then on who knows, I’ve heard good things about the Moondoggies and Shim was great at Bumbershoot, but by that point in the night I’ll likely be playing it by ear.  Review should be up on soon,