Summer Camp 2006 Live #1 – Family Groove Company

I decided to start featuring some of the Summer Camp 2006 live sets for download, so that some of us can relive the moments all over again, and so that you poor souls who missed out can see why you should come next year.

I’m going to start off the live sets with my first Summer Camp set ever, which happened to be from a personal favorite artist of mine, Family Groove Company. I arrived around 5pm on Thursday afternoon and to my delight I stumbled upon FGC playing on the Sunshine Stage, not more than 200 feet from where I was about to set up camp. And so we proceeded to raise our tents and stake ’em in, all to the tune of Family Groove playing some of their standards as well as two awesome covers. It was a perfect way to start off the festival weekend for me, so I’m going to share it with you. Here it is in all of its goodness, clocking in at 59 minutes and 50 seconds, Family Groove Company.

Family Groove Company
May 25th, 2006

Sunshine Stage, Summer Camp Music Festival
Chillicothe, IL
Total Running Time: 59:50

Set One:
01. The Chicken 6:09
02. Virginia Hill 7:27
03. Back at the Chicken Shack 9:21
04. Agenda 5:06
05. All Blues 8:55
06. New Speedway Boogie * 10:52
07. The Charmer 6:30

08. (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay $ 5:30

Show Notes:
* Grateful Dead cover
$ Otis Redding cover

If you haven’t already checked out Family Groove Company live, I highly recommend attending the Park West, Chicago show Tomorrow night with Tea Leaf Green. Tea Leaf Green is one of the quickest rising jam acts around, and Family Groove Company is easily my favorite Chicago local funk/jam act around, I can see them blowing up quickly in the next couple years. It’s $15 and I guarantee you’ll have a good time, so check it out.

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