Summer Camp Artist Ticket Winners

Well it’s the big day. No not Mother’s Day, it’s time to pick the winner of the Summer Camp Ticket Giveaway contest here at We had quite a few entries, about a quarter of which had 5 correct answers on the dot. Those went into a drawing for the ticket. Everybody who submitted one had at least 2 or 3 correct answers, so I decided to have a second place drawing with everyone for some free Summer Camp Artist CD’s, including releases by Public Property, Chris Berry & Panjea, Family Groove Company, Elsinore, and Alan Vasquez.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry to the contest, hope you all stick around once Summer Camp is through because we’ll still be featuring great music all the time.

The winner of the three-day pass to Summer Camp is: Josh Kremer.

The winner of the second-place package is: Shelley Jaspering. Shelley will recieve copies of Public Property’s What’s Goin On, Chris Berry & Panjea’s Dancemakers, Family Groove Company Live at Cubby Bear 06-03-2004, Elsinore’s On Display: A Live CD, and Alan Vasquez Live at Canopy Club, 06-16-2005. All of the albums listed are by artists who will be playing at Summer Camp.

Both winners have been sent emails, congratuations to them, thanks again to all who entered. The correct answers were as follows:

1) What year did Summer Camp begin?

2001 is the correct answer, since this is the Sixth Annual Summer Camp. There were a few old incarnations that sort of became Summer Camp once moe. got involved. They were Summer Sessions and Lake of the Woodstock.

2) Name the three stages at the festival.

The correct answers are Campground, Sunshine, and Main Stage. Extra super cool bonus points were awarded to those of you who added the Barn to the list, which is where all of the latenights are held. Sadly extra super cool bonus points aren’t worth anything.

3) How many artists are playing at the festival (according to the Summer Camp website). Note: this will not include Alan Vasquez and some other Thursday artists whose name have not been listed on the main Performers section. If that changes then both answers will be acceptable.

The correct count from the Performers page on the Summer Camp site is 46, though I was pretty generous with wrong answers to this if you had the rest correct.

4) Sunday’s Late Night show features members of what two headlining bands?

Members of the bands moe. and Umphrey’s McGee will split in half into squads and have two jam sessions.

5) Who was the first Summer Camp Artist featured? Hint: check out “Categories.”

The correct answer is Backyard Tire Fire.

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  1. tom

    dang it. nr. 3 was a trick question. i lose yet again. this is worse than when i bought a lottery ticket last week because i felt and knew i would win, but i ended up getting just one number. shocking and painful, but i shall survive as always

  2. Dad

    Well, don’t feel bad Tom, I was zero for five if I’d have entered, but I thought I could put the “fix” on him by threatening his livelihood…..didn’t work. I guess that’s OK, I would have shown up in Chilicothe, MISSOURI….didn’t know the one in Illinois existed. Of course I’m still gonna let him starve if he doesn’t get a job, so that should make you feel better. LOL
    Take care all. Congrats to the winners.

  3. tom

    haha, witholding food from your son does sound like a good time. i’m just worried kane over here will invent some crazy way to get his own food. he’ll somehow plant oranges in illinois or something of the sort, and our only chance of revenge will be if he overdoses on vitamin C (something very unlikely considering that i once ate fifteen or more of those delicious vitamin C chewable tablets yet remain very much alive to this day)

  4. tom

    yea, i never heard of chilicothe, illinois either. i guess there’s also a chilicothe, ohio, which used to be ohio’s first capital. a funny feeling tells me that, on the day of summer camp, a bunch of drugged hairy people show up both in missouri and ohio with tents in their cars and are left wondering if they entered a parallel universe of some sort as they stand there waiting for the concert
    (p.s. kane, i do not think you are either hairy or drugged (although the hairy part may be debatable).

  5. Kremer

    yes!!!!!!! oh glorious god of luck!!!!!! I love you and your ways of saving me buttloads of money!!!!!! I have never felt so happy in my entire life!!!!!!! I am so glad I am a hippie and know pointless info about the summercamp music festival! I would like tto thank my mom(not really…she hates me cause i go to these festivals), I would like to thank god cause I prayed every night that I wouold win this, I would like to thank kane for being a great friend, and I would like to thank other people who I have no time to mention, but you all know who you are, and you all know you had nothing to do with me winning this ticket, Peace all…..come visit us a summer camp! Camp Clover all the way!!!!!! Look for the flag!!!!!!