Summer Camp Artist #42 – Vince Herman

Summer Camp Artist #42 is Vince Herman (frontman/founder of Leftover Salmon), and he’s also the Master of Ceremonies for Summer Camp 2006. That basically means he’s the MC on the main stage, and might even play a set or two over the course of the weekend. I’ve got a big hint for you though… if you’re a big Vince or Leftover Salmon fan, ****GO TO THE CAMPFIRES EACH NIGHT****. That’s all I have to say. Check out the man’s website and listen to all of these tracks, since they’re all pretty good.

Vince Herman and the late Buck Buckner
September 21st, 2000

Acoustic Coffeehouse
Nederland, CO

01: Living in Rancho Del Rio – Tribute to Preson Manning
02: Psychadelic Stomp
03: Midnight Cowboy
04: Traditional Instrumental Piece
05: You Can’t Put it Back – Kentucky Traditional (Resisting Coalmine Resetlement)
06: West Virginia You are my Home
07: Hey Woody Guthrie
08: Improv: (subject request)
09: Gasworks Park – Jim Page
10: I Hope its Only Amnesia
11: Pittsburgh Town Smoky Old Town
12: Traditional Instrumental Piece
13: Redneck Hippy
14: Take Your Little Ride
15: Truck Trivin Man (improv) w/ Buck Buckner on slide
16: Alow Me Just One More Chance – Bob Dylan
17: Rose of San Anton (improv) w/ Buck Buckner on slide
18: Audience Topic Songs (improv)
19: Linin Track
20: She Took off My Romeo – David Lindley
21: Back in 1960 (Blue Green Slime)

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