Summer Camp Artist #24 – U-Melt

Here we go, U-Melt is #24 in our Summer Camp Artist Series. I’m happy about this because 24 is my favorite number. You should be happy about this because they rock. The band is a quartet out of New York City, formed in August of 2003. You can currently find them touring the Midwest and East throughout the summer, with a nice little stop off in Chillicothe, IL, in between, for our beloved Summer Camp festival.

Today’s tracks come recommended from the band’s friend/publicist Melanie, and it happens to be the band’s 300th show. If you’re looking for a song you know, “It’s Ice” is a sweet little number orginally by a band called Phish. You may have heard of them. Also of note is The Beatles encore, *insane* jam on that track. As always check out the band’s website and get cuddly with them on MySpace.

February 4th, 2006

La Cocina
Pittsfield, MA

Set One:
1) Escape
2) 415 >
3) Sequel
4) Ten Hours *
5) Cloud Box
6) The Fantastical Flight of Capt. Delicious *

Set Two:
1) It’s Ice %
2) Question Matters *
3) Panacea *
4) Red Star
5) Crowd Noise

E: Tomorrow Never Knows + ^

Show Notes:
This was the band’s 300th show.
* First time played
% Phish cover
+ Beatles cover
^ Michael Jackson, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” teases with some vocals


You can find more information on the Summer Camp Music Festival here.


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