Summer Camp 2006 Ticket Giveaway – Official Entry

Here’s the official information on the Summer Camp 2006 Ticket Giveaway, sponsored by Family Groove Company. The prize is One (1) Three-Day Pass to Summer Camp, held in Chillicothe, IL this Memorial Day Weekend. To submit an entry, email the answers to the following questions, along with your full name, email, and phone (just in case) to [email protected] before the due date, May 14th. The questions are extremely simple so with a little luck and Google finesse you should be able to get all the answers in short time.

Here are the questions you need to answer:

1) What year did Summer Camp begin?

2) Name the three stages at the festival.

3) How many artists are playing at the festival (according to the Summer Camp website). Note: this will not include Alan Vasquez and some other Thursday artists whose name have not been listed on the main Performers section. If that changes then both answers will be acceptable.

4) Sunday’s Late Night show features members of what two headlining bands?

5) Who was the first Summer Camp Artist featured? Hint: check out “Categories.”

Winner will be chosen on the evening of Sunday, May 14th, which is also Mother’s Day, so don’t forget!! Send all entries to [email protected], and pass the word around!

NOTE: Please don’t leave answers/submissions in the comments, I’ll have to delete them so people aren’t stealing your answers!! Send ’em on down to [email protected].