RIP Steve Irwin

Better Steve Irwin

So Steve Irwin, known to most as the Crocodile Hunter, finally met his match today off the coast of Australia. Irwin was fatally stung by a stingray after swimming too close. From a Yahoo! News article:

“Irwin was at Batt Reef, off the remote coast of northeastern Queensland state, shooting a segment for a series called “Ocean’s Deadliest” when he swam too close to one of the animals, which have a poisonous barb on their tails, his friend and colleague John Stainton said.”

Steve was something of a national hero in Australia it seems, and I was a fan, so I’ve got a few songs in memorial. Everybody go check out some Discovery Channel or go to a zoo while it’s still warm out, it’s what Steve would have wanted.

The Grateful Dead – Alligator
Elton John – Crocodile Rock
Ben Folds Five – Steve’s Last Night In Town
Beck – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

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  1. How about “See You Later Alligator” by Bill Haley & His Comets? Lyrics here:

  2. good call, not one I know or have on my computer, but I like it.

  3. mike

    how about ” Spiders & Snakes” by Jim Stafford

  4. Kayleigh

    r.i.p steve you’ll never be forgotten 🙁 steve irwin legand

  5. He was more of what the world needed: unbridled curiousity and unrestrained respect for our fellow creatures. We lost a good one, there.

  6. Kimina

    WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO ALLIGATOR ALLEY by Keller williams?? man thats like my fav!

  7. The Crocodile Hunter

    I think the year was 1996, maybe 97,
    I received a call from my good friend Kevin,
    “Man you’ve got to watch this guy named Steve Irwin,
    In the swamps with gators & crocs he should be called Merlin.”

    As in the magician I asked? Well the reply was not quite,
    This dude is for real with his hands there is no slight,
    With nothing else on, I turned to give him a view,
    Whoa, now the number of fans will be at least two.

    A star was born in the swamp on that summer day,
    Risking his life while calling it play,
    Where was this Irwin guy from? Australia, no wonder,
    I’ve always heard they do things different Down Under.

    Not that it’s a bad thing, remember the brothers Gibb?
    Like their music, it was a different style that he lived,
    With that accent and huge genuine smile on his face,
    Definitely couldn’t have been from any other place.

    Looking back at the hours and years of entertaining,
    It’s sad to realize we’ll only see him on film remaining,
    As he became ever more professional in his chosen craft,
    Always managing to give a scare only to end with a laugh.

    Steve thought mankind more ferocious than a lion’s lair,
    Even said getting married seemed to give him a scare,
    After seeing his supportive wife with on the show,
    You knew about that remark he was joking, you know.

    Snakes, hippos, whatever there was never an end,
    Little did these creatures know what a wonderful friend,
    How can Steve Irwin be described, where would one begin?
    Another untimely death let this be the beginning, not the end.

    We live in a me first world that’s mostly about high society,
    Here was a mere mortal, who cared little about notoriety,
    Steve’s smile was lovingly mirrored on his little girls’ face,
    How proud she was of him, no one will ever take his place.

    For sure many such shows have begun to paddled up stream,
    My what a joy, family entertainment, fun, educational and clean,
    Yes, Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter is no longer the only one,
    Just try telling that to his lovely wife, daughter and son.

    Imagine Irwin telling St. Peter he’s early only to be told he’s late,
    I can see the Croc Hunter scratching his head standing by the Pearly Gates,
    You see Steve, God Almighty is about to start His Heavenly Zoo,
    When I asked Him who was going to be in charge, He smiled & said you.

    © 2006 by Luke Easter