Phish Bobbleheads

Phish Bobbleheads

The Phish Bobble Heads, pictured above, are pretty badass and we’ve had a lot of requests for where to find them.  The best answer is eBay, where there’s always a few auctions going on.  The Jon Fishman Bobblehead is labeled Henrietta and features him on the Electrolux Vaccuum.  The Trey Anastasio Bobblehead, labeled “Red,” features the guitarist’s legendary mug bobbing on top of his well known “Wilson” T-Shirt.  The Mike Gordon Bobblehead, labeled “Cactus,” comes complete with creepy manpris and equally creepy and solemn, facial features.  Finally, the Page McConnell bobble head comes complete with full baby grand piano and is labeled “Chairman of the Boards.”

Click here for current eBay Phish Bobblehead Auctions

Oh!  Don’t forget the equally impressive CK5 Chis Kuroda bobble head featuring the legendary Phish Lighting Guru manning the lighting boards:

Chris Kuroda CK5 Phish Bobble Head