Pepper Album Art

Just a quick add-on to yesterday’s post about Pepper, I got another email featuring the album artwork for No Shame, which is set to be released on October 3rd on Atlantic Records. The artwork is a slight departure from the band’s first three studio releases and DVD, all of which feature a similar theme. It does, however, feature the skulls logo tatooed on the hip of the woman on the cover. That logo has shown up previously on the In With The Old cover, though you have to look realllly close in the palm trees.

Click on the pics below for each Pepper album cover, as well as an online single and their live DVD. In order, they are, Give n’ It (Debut Album 2000, Rereleased in 2003), Limited Edition Warped EP (Online 2001), Kona Town (2002), In With The Old (2004), and their DVD, Pepper Live (2005).

givenitPepper Limitedkona townin with the oldpepperlive

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  1. dad

    Oh, I get it. It’s like the playboy bunny buried on the cover of the magazine. Gotta search for it in the navel or wherever.