In The News – Pharrell, JJ Cale

Pharrell album to soon “drop like hot” according to Billboard.

Who wants to get together and do this?

Kaycemane at talks to J.J. Cale about life. (Cale pictured above)
Also a quick rundown of 10,000 Lakes Festival.

The UK vs. Dirt-Cheap MP3’s. BBC Coverage.

The Washington Post checks in on the state of music blogs. A glimpse of what they had to say:

Will aggregators such as the Hype Machine — basically, an audio analogue of YouTube’s collection of the planet’s amateur videos — transform Web-based music into the kind of mass medium that Top 40 radio once was? Not anytime soon. But just as professional sports teams must reach beyond hard-core followers to attract casual fans and even non-fans, any music delivery medium that hopes for broad popular success ultimately must be about more than just the music.