Happy 61st Birthday Bob

In celebration of Bob Marley’s birthday – he would have been 61 on today , February 6th – I’m going to throw out a few personal favorites of Bob that I could find. If you all aren’t doing anything this evening, I recommend you kick back with a Red Stripe, throw on a favorite Marley or Wailers album, and enjoy it, since you probably won’t listen to reggae again until the next Thank Jah It’s Friday at Fresh Bread. “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” That said, enjoy these tunes, and check out the video below of Bob’s song “Slogans,” which was just released recently by some family and other collaborators.

Bob Marley – “Trenchtown Rock” (Live)

Bob Marley – “Soul Shakedown Party” from Forever Gold

Bob Marley – “More Axe” from African Herbsman

Bob Marley – “Redemption Song” from Legend (Originally from Uprising)

And here’s the video, and info on it via Dancehall Reggae Music Blog. For reasons that confound me still, this embedded video may or may not show up in Firefox, Opera, and IE, so here’s a direct link to the video just in case.

“Along with 17 vintage tracks, Africa Unite: The Singles Collection (Island/Tuff Gong/UMe), released November 8, 2005, spotlights “Slogans,” the first new official Marley track released in more than a decade. It is believed Marley recorded the song in a Miami bedroom in 1979. The tapes were kept at Marley’s mother’s house and last year the reggae legend’s sons Stephen and Ziggy revisited the acoustic demo. In 2005, Stephen overdubbed the tracks with other instruments, including guitar by Eric Clapton. Stephen and Ziggy produced “Slogans” specifically for this release.”



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