Grateful Dead / Phish Alpaca Fur Hoodies

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  1. hey know do you have any phish hoodies in 2xl

  2. derek adams

    My name is Derek Adams & I would very much like one of your brown alpaca stealie face dead jackets. I wear a large & i think you guys only have small & 2xl available. Are you going to be getting anymore larges in anytime soon ( I think 2xl would be too big). If you could let me know i would apprieciate it. Thanks, Derek.

  3. ChewwieBear

    I have one! Got it at a furthur show. Size small $60 medium $70 Large $80.

    Absolutely love it. So warm and comfy.

    Best part is its for a great cause hand made in Ecuador they donate their profits to a foundation in Ecuador for children to have clean water. They are from Albany, NY awesome people!


  4. Andy

    would love one. someone contact me please. asalkin1 {at}

  5. summer

    Hey I would love to get 2 if you had any large or small in either one. Please let me know thanks 🙂

  6. Lizzy Aichele

    Would love to buy the phish alpaca hoodie! is that possible and do you have different sizes? contact me please.

  7. mike

    i would kill for that rasta phish hoodie does anyone know where i can get one other than the lot? please contact me if you do.

  8. Reid

    Hey! My name’s Reid McLean and I was wondering if you had any alpaca phish hoodies in xl? If so I would love to buy one! Just email me with the price and whatnot, thanks!


  9. Reid

    Also if xl isnt available I’ll take a 2xl!

  10. Myranda

    Looking for a stealie Northface tee/hoodie anything…

  11. Adam

    Tryin to find an xl phish alpaca hoodie, anyone know where I can find one? E-mail me, I’d love to buy one.

  12. Shelby

    Looking for a green medium stealie hoodie! Checked ebay and a few other places and couldn’t find one. Other colors in medium would also be okay as long as its not purple! Please let me know!


  13. These GD hoodies are so warm and cozy 🙂

  14. Northface alpaca hoodie?

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