8 Ways GQ Wins My Heart

I was reading my freshly-delivered issue of the June GQ this afternoon when I stumbled across a wonderful little blurb on page 98. It was titled “8 Ways Bonnaroo Is Better Than Coachella,” and I love it. Here it is…

“8 Ways Bonnaroo Is Better Than Coachella: How did Nashville’s Bonnaroo festival become the best ticket in music?
GQ Magazine, June 2006, p. 98

1. Unlike Coachella’s bone-dry desert, Bonnaroo’s lush Tennessee forest makes it easy to hide, smoke the weed.

2. Chance that Bonnaroo performer Ben Folds will bring noted singer William Shatner.

3. Bonnaroo VIP areas not overrun with The OC cast members trying to “kick it on the DL, indie-rock-style.”

4. Bonnaroo’s ex-junkies (Steve Earle) can beat up Coachella’s ex-junkies (lead-singer guy from Depeche Mode).

5. Coachella dance tent will feature Madonna, shitty trance music; Bonnaroo “dance tent” is three Evergreen sophomores grooving to “Dark Star.”

6. Bonnaroo’s Dr. John slightly more comprehensible than Coachella fave Sigur Rós.

7. Absence of luxury spa hotels in Manchester region will limit presence of top-level music executives.

8. “Bonnaroo” more fun to say.

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  1. tom

    how could you post anything that pokes fun at the genius of sigur ros? i am almost outraged (actually i don’t really care, i’m just too lazy to do my homework so i decided to leave comments of outrage). for honors sake, i will have to boycott this site for at least a day. blame not tom, for kane provekth him.

  2. shutup, they’re boring.