Dave Matthews at Assembly Hall

Dave Matthews Band was here last night at Assembly Hall here in Champaign. Pretty good show, I was dead center, 6th row, so very good seats. I’d love to post a setlist, and I’m going to post the one that AntsMarching.org has, but the official DMB site messed it up. They don’t include the billion teases in Jimi Thing and the Buffalo Springfield “For What It’s Worth” Cover before going into Smooth Rider. Ah well, here’s my correction of their setlist:

Dave Matthews Band
November 30, 2005
Assembly Hall – University of Illinois
Champaign, IL

What Would You Say
Grey Street
Seek Up
Stand Up
Hunger for the Great Light
When the World Ends
American Baby Intro
Too Much
Jimi Thing >
Jimi Thing Jam > “For What It’s Worth”
Smooth Rider
Crash Into Me
Christmas Song
Ants Marching