Contrast Podcast #3 – Hear Me Speak!

Well Tim from The Face Of Today has once again put together an amazing mix of tunes for Contrast Podcast #3. Yours truly can be found at number 13 with “One People, One Struggle” by Anti-Flag. It’s a far cry from my usual listening tastes but I feel that it’s a good song, so I submit it for your general approval. You can subscribe to the podcast feed through, or you can download the MP3 directly here:

Contrast Podcast #3 – April 11th, 2006

My personal addition to the podcast falls in at 42:48 if you just can’t wait to hear it. This episode has some goodies, I especially recommend these:

  • The track of Bjork at age 11 covering The Beatles’ “Fool On The Hill.” Chosen by Tim at The Face Of Today.
  • Mates of State playing “Ha Ha.” Chosen by the lads at Kinky Origami.
  • Oh No! Oh My! – “I Have No Sister.” Chosen by Eugene from Big Static.

Of course all of the tracks are awesome, these are just the ones that popped out upon first listen.  Enjoy everyone, and remember, Bonus Points if you get caught headbanging to my submission by the car next to you!